Photo exhibition themed "Nepal is still beautiful" to be conducted

11th Apr, 2019 | Tourism Mail Crew

The photo exhibition program is going to be organized with the goal of promoting Nepal as a travel destination and let people know that " Nepal is still a beautiful place" and it is safe to visit. The program is going to be organized in Nepal Art Council, Babarmahal from April 13-14, by an organization named The country needs us. The following program will start from 10 am- 5 pm.


This is the second edition of the photo exhibition which is themed " Nepal is beautiful" and the exhibition will consist of the display of the images of Nepal from its serene landscape to its beauty of culture, portraits and more. After the devastating earthquake of 2015, tourism arrival has declined drastically and such things have been negatively portrayed through media stating that Nepal is unsafe to travel and the monuments of Nepal are destroyed. Similarly, negative news of political instability is also spreading these days.

Since the government and tourism department of Nepal authoritatively stated that Nepal will take 2020 as " Visit Nepal 2020", a year committed to the tourism industry as travel and vacationer destination, backing up the tourism foundations of Nepal, enhancing the tourism industry and the local tourism as a supportable industry.