Photo Journalist Purnima Shrestha Exibits Photo At Mt. Everest (Photo Feature)

1st May, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, May 01: While climbing Mt. Everest Photo Journalist, Purnima Shrestha has exibited the photo above the Everest base camp for the first time. Shrestha has shown a picture of "Nepali women smiling" at 6020 meters high Camp 1, 6530 meters high Camp 2 and 6800 metres high Camp 3.

She said that the climbers who were enthusiastically walking were very interested in the exibition and now she has aimed to show the picture from the top of the Everest. She said that she will be displaying the pictures from the base camp to the top of Everest and also other photos will be displayed in Kathmandu.

She also expressed pleasure in fulfilling her aim to bring the happiness of women to the top of the Everest.