Places where you can enjoy your vacation!

16th Oct, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Oct 16:: Dashain is at our doors and we have long vacations coming which are basically for Dashain celebration and refreshment. Dashain is the most happening festival and this is the most amazing time for travellers to explore. This is the perfect time for travelling as there is a long vacation and the weather is also awesome. Here are a few places one can visit to enjoy their vacation.



In recent decades, Pokhara has become a major tourist destination and Pokhara is located 200 kilometres (120 miles) west of the capital Kathmandu. It is considered the tourism capital of Nepal mainly for adventure tourism and the base for the famous Annapurna Circuit trek. Many medieval era temples (Barahi temple, Bindhyabasini, Bhadrakali, Talbarahi, Guheshwori, Sitaldevi, Gita Mandir temple, Bhimsen temple) and old Newari houses are part of the city (Bagar, Bindhyabasini, Bhadrakali, Bhairab Tol, etc.). The modern commercial city centres are at Chipledhunga, New Road, Prithvi Chowk and Mahendrapul (recently renamed as Bhimsen Chowk).

There are more than 250 tourist category hotels and lodges in Pokhara of which two (the Fulbari Resort & Spa and Pokhara Grande) are ranked 5-star. Pokhara provides food and lodging from backpackers to deluxe ranges.



Situated 203 km away from Kathmandu, Mustang is a beautiful destination. Mustang district lies in Dhawalagiri zone. The headquarters is Jomsom. Mustang is an ancient forbidden kingdom, bordered by the Tibetan plateau and sheltered by some of the world's tallest peaks, including 8000-meter tall Annapurna and Dhaulagiri. Strict regulations of tourists here have aided in maintaining Tibetan traditions. Upper Mustang was a restricted demilitarized area until 1992, which makes it one of the most preserved regions in the world due to its relative isolation from the outside world.   The lower Mustang areas (much of Baragaon, Panchgaon, and Thak Sat Sae along the Annapurna Circuit) are among the most heavily trekked routes in Nepal. The scenery of the trail ranges from forests of bright rhododendron fields to rocky cliffs and desert. The culture along the trek is a rich combination of Hindu and Tibetan Buddhism. The trail's highest point is Muktinath at 3800m, popular Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimage site for centuries. The Kali Gandaki is part of the popular trekking route from Pokhara to Muktinath. The gorge is within the Annapurna Conservation Area.



At the distance of just 148 km from the capital lies the UNESCO World Heritage site ‘Chitwan National Park'. A heaven for the nature lover.After increment of hotels and lodges in Chitwan slowly tourism industry started to get heads up. It is the first National Park in Nepal and except wildlife, there are a lot of cultural aspects one can be fascinated with.  So to experience wildlife with the fusion of culture one can visit Chitwan once in their lifetime.



Bandipur is a hilltop settlement and a municipality in Tanahun District, (Gandaki Zone) of Nepal. This municipality was established on 18 May 2014 by merging with existing Dharampani and Bandipur VDCs. Because of its preserved, old time cultural atmosphere, Bandipur is becoming one of the preferred tourism destinations of Nepal. This place is just 149 km away from Kathmandu. 

Bandipur Eco Cultural Tourism Project (BECT-Project) is the project that lift the status of Bandipur as one of the major tourist destinations of Nepal .Its objectives were to develop and promote Bandipur as tourist destination: enhance, upgrade and conserve the built and natural environment of Bandipur; and support local enterprises to revitalize economic activities, ultimately extending the length of tourists stay in Bandipur.

Attractions include the Bindabashini temple and the library in the village centre, Thani Mai, Tindhara (“Three Taps” washing place at the southeastern outskirts), Raniban (Queen's Forest), the downhill trek to the Siddha Cave and a hike to Ramkot village. On Mukundeswari, the elevation at the western end of the saddle is a little shrine.


Just 260 km from the busy Kathmandu city, Lumbini is one of the historical places of Nepal. Lumbini is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage sites. It is one of the most sacred places for Buddhists as it is the birthplace of Lord Buddha. It is a holy place that carries historical as well as cultural importance. Mayadevi temple and Ashoka Pillar are one of the major attractions of Lumbini.  According to an inscription on the pillar, it was placed there by the people then in charge of the park to commemorate Asoka's visit and gifts. The park was previously known as Rummindei, two miles north of Bhagavanpura. There are various monasteries and other important places as well.



Rara Lake is a popular destination with a very rough route in Western Nepal for trekkers. The glimpses of culture and scenery on the way are quite different from the rest of Nepal. Situated in high altitude, you can find the lake surrounded by Rara National Park with pine, spruce and juniper forest. The view of snow-capped Himalayan peaks enhances the attraction of trekkers. The trek begins with a flight to Jumla (over an hour flight from Kathmandu) or from nearer Nepalgunj. Going along the mountain path and some village's one can reach the bank of Rara lake.



Ilam is 525.5 km away from the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu and marks border with India. It is a beautiful hill station and is famous for tea leaves and various other herbs. Ilam is a tourist destination with perfect weather. Besides the spectacular views of the tea gardens, there are many other places to visit in Ilam. Some of the famous and popular places for visit in Ilam are Antu Dada, Mai Pokhari, Fikkal, Kanyam etc.


Kathmandu valley

This valley has the most number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites although it is the most populated city in Nepal as it the capital of the country. Bhaktapur and Patan are the 2 cities of this valley which are regarded as a major attraction of tourist. Kathmandu Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square, Bhaktapur Durbar Square Pashupatinath Temple, Swyambhunath Stupa, and Bauddhanath Stupa are the major tourist destination in this valley. They are various other places in the valley to visit and one is them is Chandragiri Hills. These are must-visit places around the hustling bustling Kathmandu valley.