Plan to develop destinations of Chitwan reaches its final stage

16th Nov, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

CHITWAN, Nov 16: The development plan of the nearby places of Sauraha region, keeping Sauhara at the centre point is in its final stage. The tourism entrepreneurs have decided to develop the nearby places of Chitwan district as tourism destination within 20 years.


Chairman of Sauraha Regional Hotel Association of Nepal said that the plans will be declared within 20th of February. He said that the plan is mainly focused on developing the infrastructure and to extend the duration of tourist stay. After spending 2 million rupees the officials of tourism board and Regional Hotel Association have made the plans. They have finally prepared the plan after discussing with various tourism entrepreneurs.

Also the plan to develop and promote tourism destination like Chitwan National Park and Madhyarti Region has been included. The plans are made by Mountain Heritage Pvt. Ltd.  There are around 150 hotels in the district and 110 of them are in Sauraha so they are also planning to add the number of hotels.