PM seeks Buddhist University's role to promote Nepal's other heritage sites

24th Jul, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, July 24: Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba has said the purpose of the establishment of  Lumbini Buddhist  University  was also to familialrise the world about Nepal's distinct heritage sites.

Addressing the eighth senate of the University here today, the Prime Minister insisted that the publicity and promotion of  other heritage sites carrying historic and archaeological importance such as Kapilvastu, Ramgram, Sywoyambhu, Boudha, Buddha bihars and  temples should be also the focus of the University.

Recalling the establishment of University in the beginning of 2005 when he had been in the post of  Prime Minister,  he said the identity of Buddha was not just connected to any particular religion, caste, community and nation rather he was  the light of the entire world.

The Prime Minister who is also the  Chancellor of University went on to say ,"Nepal is the  origin of Buddhism  and it has a significant contribution to its promotion."

Saying countries like Sri Lanka, Thailand and India making 'attempts' to establish themselves as 'Buddha Study Centre' and limiting Lumbini-the birthplace of Buddha, only as a religious and tourism site of Nepal was the matter of concern, he stressed the need of developing Lumbini as an  excellent International Buddha Study Centre.

Prime Minister Deuba said that it was natural to timely amend the existing rules, regulations and acts of the University and expressed the belief that process started to make some amendment in the acts would be finalised soon.

He said, "Not only Nepal, bust also the world will be benefited if Lumbini and study about Buddhist philosophy, art and culture is made systematic by running the Lumbini Development Trust and the University well."

Also speaking on the occasion, Deputy Prime Minister and Education Minister Gopalman Shrestha said, " The Buddhist philosophy is useful for  the welfare of entire human by giving up personal interests." The University should  get involved for its promotion.

Likewise, Vice-Chancellor of the University, Dr Nareshman Bajracharya, said that formulation of the University master plan had been completed and academic programmes had also been increased there.

The University  that was proposed by the first World Buddhist Summit held in Lumbini in 1998, was established on  27th January, 2005 with a view to imparting standard education on Buddhist Philosophy, literature and culture. RSS