Pokhara directly in just a few years

16th Oct, 2016 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU:Dream comes true to the people of Pokhara and local hotel association. Tourist will be flying in Pokhara directly in just a few years.


A Chinese construction company has started construction of Pokhara International airport. The China CAMC engineering company has awarded with the contract to complete the airport. Although the former government had laid the foundation to the Pokhara international airport on April 13 the construction task had not been begun due to the rainy season.

People and local hotel association are so much happy that the government finally deal signed. If all works out tourist will be flying in Pokhara directly in just a few year.

A target has been set to complete the construction of airport by July 2020. The airport is to be constructed at amounts 21 billion loan assistance of Exim bank of China. Similarly company has started constructing temporary shelters for various purposes.