Pokhara Metropolitan Office orders the demolition of island in Fewa Lake

21st Jun, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

POKHARA, Jun 21: Pokhara Lekhnath Metropolitan has ordered the demolition of a small island in Fewa Lake being built by the local ward office. The situation has come about due to a lack of sufficient communication between the two offices.

The structure is situated at Pokhara Metropolitan Ward No. 6 Baidam, and was being constructed with full investment of the ward office's funds. The mayor of Pokhara Metropolitan ordered the demolition of structure saying that it was built on encroached land.

The Baidam ward office had constructed the attractive boat-shaped island in Fewa Lake at a cost of Rs. 500,000. The metropolitan office was alerted to the activity after locals filed an complaint against the construction, saying that the structure was built on encroached land. The mayor accused the ward office of constructing the island without any consultation with the metropolitan office and ordered the demolition of the structure within a week, said the coordinator of the Fewa Lake Conservation Project, Mahendra Godar.