Pokhara Tourism Council criticizes inaccurate press coverage of US-Bangla plane crash

17th Mar, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

POKHARA, Mar 17: Pokhara Tourism Council has expressed concern over the negative publicity received by Nepal's aviation sector in light of the recent plane accident at the Tribhuvan International Airport. The Council said that the accident has drawn attention to the safety concerns of Nepal's aviation sector.

In a press release published on March 12, the Council said that international media organizations like CNN and BBC have been reporting false impressions about the safety of Nepali aviation before the crash investigation committee even released its report. The press release stated that such uninformed comments by the media cause a negative impact on tourism in Nepal.

The Council urged the government to disprove the negative media reports and send a message of safety and security around the work. It has also requested to find the true cause of the crash and make it public as soon as possible, and to quicken the construction of new international airport.