Pokhara Tourism Council suggestion to Chief of Pokhara Metropolitan

21st Jun, 2022 | Tourism Mail Crew

POKHARA, June 21: The Pokhara Tourism Council, an umbrella organization of the tourism-related association, has given it to Dhanraj Acharya, chief of the Pokhara Metropolitan City, for tourism-oriented development. In the middle of a program, the council pointed out the problems seen in the lakeside area along with the necessary infrastructure for the further development of the tourist city of Pokhara and suggested addressing it immediately, said Gopi Bahadur Bhattarai, chairman of the council. "Pokhara Lakeside is not just for tourism entrepreneurs. Pokhara has always been looking for dynamic visionary leadership to make it well-organized. We are confident that the present leadership will make it a reality, ”said Chairman Bhattarai.

Stating that the tourism industry is different from other industries and has to run its business directly with the tourists, there are many challenges here and stressed on the need to solve the problem by adopting a tourism friendly policy. In the suggestions expressed on behalf of the council, the corporation should emphasize on the implementation of making Pokhara the tourism capital and establish a tourism division in the corporation and arrange a tourist heritage support cell.

In order to make the entire lake in Pokhara, including Phewa Taal, clean and beautiful, environment friendly, the sale and distribution of plastic food items around the lake should be stopped, garbage collection boxes placed on foot tracks should be emptied regularly, and proper management of sewage in Fewatal should be done.

Similarly, to develop the Himagriha and Ratna Mandir at Pokhara Metropolitan City-Lakeside as historical, archeological tourist heritage, minimum infrastructure should be constructed and opened for sightseeing as soon as possible for tourists and the general public.

Adequate emphasis has been laid on installation of CCTV cameras, street lights and protection in major places including tourist areas. The construction work should be taken forward by preparing the DPR of the ring road covering all areas of Pokhara. The old bus park should be completed and managed as soon as possible by emphasizing on the construction of structures by conducting a comprehensive study of the narrow roads after preparation of Pokhara International Airport.

The metropolis should form a committee for the operation of the tourist bus park at Rastra Bank Chowk and keep the Pokhara Tourism Council in charge of its protection and promotion.The council has demanded that the corporation should allocate a budget for tourism-related programs. The council has also included in the suggestion the issue of monitoring the businesses operating without permission and making arrangements for their registration.

Promoting and protecting the tourist destinations listed in the World Heritage List within the Pokhara Metropolitan City, it has been requested to include the issue of developing Culture Village as a place for tourists to observe and study the culture of different castes.

He also called upon the state government to take necessary initiative to bring the much needed company registrar's office in Gandaki to register the businesses.

Meanwhile, Bhattarai urged the Pokhara metropolitan government to focus on the implementation of strategic plans to revive tourism in the Pokhara region from the effects of COVID-19.

Chief of the Pokhara Metropolitan City Dhanraj Acharya said that the issue of making Pokhara a tourist capital was in the forefront as soon as he assumed the responsibility of the metropolitan chief.