Polish Himalaya 2018 on October

17th May, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, May 17: Polish Himalaya 2018 is going to be operated in Kathmandu. On the occasion of 100th Independence Day of Poland, separate programs will be held in Kathmandu and Everest Base camp.

The journey from Lukla to Everest Base camp will be conducted in the month of October. In the journey, more than 350 people from Poland will be participating. Mainly, the family and friends of the climbers who lost their life during mountain climbing will be participating in the tournament.

Some, like the prominent Himalayan Ms. Anna Czerwińska, the summiter of the six eight-thousandths and the Earth's crown, or Mr. Robert Celinski – 4th time winner of Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon (in foreigners category 2005, 2014-2016), Mr. Leszek Cichy (First winter ascent of Everest in history and first Pole to complete World 7 Summits), Mr. Dariusz Zauski (famous high altitude climber and camera man, author of many  high mountains documentary and summiter of many 8k peaks – example: north face of K2 from China side), will be a part of this project. Most of our participants are families, friends and relatives of famous Polish Climbers who lost their lives in the Himalayas. These people will go to the places where their beloved ones pursue their dreams and goals.

This element of the project is not a form of competition, a race against time or a fight for the best place or prize. It is to run to commemorate the greatest successes of Poles in the history of mountaineering, which brought fame to Poland with their conquests, and everyone was in Kathmandu, where they usually started their expeditions. Super marathon is also to commemorate those who have been in the mountains forever (the current list contains 49 names), and in particular the person he or she chooses and dedicates his or her effort. Participation in the whole venture is not conditional on participation.

Various versions of the route were considered. We are inclined to a place called Tundikhel. The project was launched in 2013 and since then has been broadcast in Polish media, causing an increasing interest in Nepal in our country. The organizers and leaders of our groups have been coming to Nepal for years and have been leading the group on the Himalayan trails. We will continue to promote Nepal and encourage Poles to come to Nepal, just as we have done so far. Poles, when they see the successful Polish Himalayas project 2018, will have plans to return to the Himalayas again.

This will be a super marathon from October 13 to 22. A hundred kilometers of marathon is said to be conducted for physical exercise as there is no such thing as competition only the interested ones can participate in the marathon.