Preparation afoot to bring back rhinos swept away by flood

16th Aug, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

CHITWAN, August 16: Preparations are underway to bring back the endangered one-horned rhinos that were swept away to various places in the country and bordering India by the recent floods.

The authorities at the Chitwan National Park have been looking out for the missing rhinos for two days. A rhino  was found dead while a two-year-old rhino was detected in Indian settlement and four in the jungle areas of Nepal and India.

Authorities have located a two-year-old baby rhino at Bagaha, 42 kilometres southeast of Balmiki Nagar in India, according to CNP Information Officer Nurendra Aryal.

While the efforts are underway to restore it, it is likely to transfer it back to its habitat today, if the traffic in Daunne along the Narayangadh-Butwal road section in Nawalparsi resumed.

The flood has also swept another rhino to Balmiki Nagar in India. Talks with the authorities from Indian sides are being held to fetch the dislocated rhinos from Indian territories, shared Aryal.

Likewise, another pachyderm was spotted at Narsahi of a community forest in the Tribeni buffer zone in Chitwan, while the next at a community in Balmiki Ashram.

Security personnel have been deployed to protect the misplaced one-horned pachyderm, the CNP informed.

The floods triggered by monsoon rains, in various places across Chitwan district has wreaked havoc not only on human settlements but also the habitats of wild animals, resulting in the death of animals within and outside the Park, informed the CNP.