Preparation almost complete to mark Diamond jubilee of Mt. Makalu

8th Nov, 2016 | Tourism Mail Crew

makalu-migma-sherpa-tmail-tourism-nepal-1World’s fifth highest mountain Mt. Makalu is set to celebrate the Diamond jubilee to mark the expedition by human for the first time. The fifth highest peak in the world was expedited by French climbers for the first time in 1955 by French climbers. Several attempts were made by other climbers before the success but all turned to be failure because of the adverse climate, even Sir Edmund Hillary also failed to expedite the summit.

To mark the successful expedition of the summit three day festival is to be organized in Sankhuwasabha’s Chichila. The festival will start from 20th of November and will end on 22nd of November, 2016. Mingma Sherpa is the co- ordinator of the event. Edited version of Interview with Mr. Mingma Sherpa, with regards to the preparation for the event approaching near.

Q: Has the preparation for program finished?

Mr. Sherpa: We almost have completed the preparations for the Diamond jubilee and got a new experience about the back stage preparations. We have completed the task of informing people all around the district from Kathmandu. All the people have got information about the diamond jubilee.

Q: How many people are expected to visit?

Mr. Sherpa: We have expected some 1 Lakh people to visit the program. We cannot be sure about the exact number of the people visiting there because it is trekking season and many people might not go to the program to participate. We have focused on the locals to encourage them to come together.

Q: What will be the major highlights of the program?makalu-migma-sherpa-tmail-tourism-nepal

Mr. Sherpa: We are celebrating the Diamond jubilee of expediting Mt. Makalu. So we have thought of giving medals to the climbers of the Mountain and felicitate them. Locals also might not have got the importance of the Mount Makalu, our district is not known by the name of Sankhuwasabha. So, we want to make them know about the mountain and the place and have focused on it. People from various backgrounds live in the District and they are not aware about each other's culture and traditions, if they know about it then they will know about one another's culture. We also will have exhibition of cuisines, medicinal herbs, multimedia presentation about the Mount Makalu and cultural show will be shown there.