Preparation for Elephant Polo grabs gear

19th Dec, 2016 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU: Chitwan grabs the gear to complete the preparations for Elephant Festival. The elephant festival which features the most popular game of Elephant polo will start from 26th to 30th of December, 2016.


“We are speeding our work of stalling the gates and preparing the grounds by running against the time,” President of Hotel association at Sauraha Suman Ghimire said.

“For the festival Sauraha’s main city, hotels, parks, resorts are decorated’ Ghimire informed.

“During the festival more attracting and new program will be introduced” Vice President of Hotel Association, Sauraha as well as festival coordinator Dipak Bhattarai said. “To make animal friendly, elephant race is replaced with elephant fast walk” he added.

“Elephant polo was first started from Chitwan, so this is the main attraction of this festival”, Coordinator of International Elephant Polo Competition, Shankar Sainju claimed. The game of elephant polo will cover total of twenty minutes.

As refreshment for the elephants, picnic also will be organized. It is estimated that about 100 elephants will participate in the joint picnic where they will be fed as per their interest with molasses, banana, sugarcane, orange, cauliflower, cabbage, apple, etc.

The local hotel entrepreneurs are excited about the Elephant Festival which they believe would help lure visitors and prolong their stay, especially the foreign tourists during this offseason.

The Festival will also feature Elephant Beauty Contest, Elephant Catwalk, and Elephant polo, Football competition between the calves, Elephant Painting, and other entertainment shows.

4 team will participant in football competition between calves and five team in elephant beauty contest.

50 business and conserved stall will be shown in festival. The organizers expect an expenditure of 7 millions for the event. About 2,00,000 visitors are expected to watch the event with transaction over 20 millions.