Preparation of Diamond jubilee of Mount Makalu almost complete

8th Nov, 2016 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU: World’s fifth highest mountain Mt. Makalu is set to celebrate the Diamond jubilee to mark the expedition by human for the first time. The preparation for the event is almost complete coordinator of the event Mingma Sherpa in an Interview with Tourism Mail.


The fifth highest peak in the world was expedited by French climbers for the first time in 1955. To mark the successful expedition of the summit three day festival is to be organized in Sankhuwasabha’s Chichila. The festival will start from 20th of November and will end on 22nd of November, 2016.

"The preparations for the Diamond jubilee have almost completed and all the people are informed about an event." coordinator of the event, Mingma Sherpa said. "We are also focusing the locals to encourage them to come together." He added. About 1 hundred thousand people are expected to come to the event.


The climbers of the mountains will be awarded with medals and felicitated which will be the prime peak of the event. As the locals will also come to the event and everyone are not aware and known about Mount Makalu, they will get information and knowledge about the mountain, where it lies and how to conserve it." Mingma Said.

The event will also focus on the cross culture among the people of same district, Sankhuwasabha. This will help for knowing each other cultural and traditional background accurately, believes Sherpa. The event will also have an exhibition of cuisines, medicinal herbs, multimedia presentation about the Mount Makalu and cultural show.