Preparations for rhino translocation from CNP almost over

3rd Apr, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

CHITWAN  : Preparations are almost complete to translocate five one-horned rhinoceros to Shuklaphanta National Park from Chitwan National Park (CNP) from Monday, said the CNP administration.

[caption id="attachment_4802" align="alignnone" width="845"] File Photo : Kashish Das Shrestha.[/caption]

The translocation follows government's earlier decision to move a total of 30 rhinos from the CNP to elsewhere (five to the Shuklaphanta and the remaining 25 to the Bardiya National Park).

As part of the preparations, a camp has been set up at Shukhivar, eight km west from the CNP main office at Kashara, said CNP Chief Conservation Officer Ram Chandra Kandel.

A total of 30 tamed elephants, its separate mahouts and 40 helpers including 10 CNP employees are ready for the translocation, he added. The CNP employees have also started identifying suitable places for a dart.

He said around 100 people in general including mahouts, CNP employees, Nepal Army personnel and donors and representatives from various concerned organizations including the National Trust for Nature Conservation and the World Wildlife Fund are required for rhino translocation.