Price war takes place between Yeti Airlines and Buddha Air

27th Oct, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Oct 27: Price war has taken place between Buddha Air and Yeti Airlines to attract the tourists. Yeti and Buddha air has set the price of their first flight of the morning to 15 hundred rupees. Rest of the other time they charge 42 hundred rupees to travel from Kathmandu- Pokhara.

After the decrease in the number of passengers they have decreased the price rate. Market head of Buddha Air, Rupesh Joshi said that they have decreased the price of the first flight for few time and it can be changed according to the arrival of passengers. “The passengers can get 4% cash back if the payment is done through E-sewa,” he added.

The first flight of Buddha air from Kathmandu- Pokhara takes place in 6:15 am whereas Yeti Airlines conducts its first flight on 7:05am.