Private airline company decides to operate in same destination on interval of 3 hrs

1st Aug, 2020 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Aug 01: With the government's decision to resume domestic and international flights from August 17, bookings for domestic flights have already started. Various airlines have started booking tickets since last week.

Entrepreneurs say that air ticket booking has been slower than in the past. According to private airlines including Buddha, Shree, Yeti and Simrik, passengers have already started booking air tickets. Buddha Air has already announced that it will fly at lower fares than other times. The company plans to operate 18 daily flights to various destinations, said company Spokesperson Rupesh Joshi.

According to him, the company has fixed fares for destinations including Biratnagar, Pokhara, Bhairahawa, Bhadrapur, Bhairahawa and Nepalgunj. Buddha has fixed a fare of Rs 2,800 for Biratnagar, Rs 2,000 for Pokhara and Rs 2,500 for Bhairahawa. Similarly, the minimum fare has been fixed at Rs 3,500 for Bhadrapur and Rs 4,000 for Nepalgunj.

According to the agreement reached between the private airlines, there are plans to fly to each destination at three-hour intervals, said spokesperson Joshi. Earlier, various airlines were operating regular flights to the same destination in every 10 minutes. In order to reduce the congestion, there have been a group discussion about keeping a time limit of up to three hours when flying to the same destination.

"Before the lockdown, different airlines were operating regular flights to the same destination at five to 10 minute of intervals. But for the sake of health security, it has been advised to fly to different destinations at different intervals of one hour to three hours from August 17, 'spokesperson Joshi. All the airlines have prepared their own protocols for regular flights and are preparing to adopt health precautions.

Likewise, Anil Manandhar, Spokesperson of Shree Airlines, says that the participation of passengers will not be noticeable in the initial phase after the regular flight starts from August 17. "We are ready to fly regularly as per the protocol for health safety compliance," he added. Spokesperson Manandhar said that the airfare is being determined based on the demand and supply of passengers.

Private airline company, Yeti Airlines plans to operate regular flights to low-risk destinations. After opening the ticket booking a week ago, the company's spokesperson Sudarshan Vartaula said that the customer inquiries and ticket booking were good. He said that some people have also booked tickets for the refreshing tour. The company has stated that foreign tourists have been inquiring about the quarantine since it became mandatory. "The government has decided to make it a mandatory quarantine for foreign tourists and they have already started booking tickets for the season," he added. 


During the first week of flight resumption, Simrik Air will operate one flight daily. Spokesperson Prajwal Thapa informed that the company plans to operate one flight daily to Pokhara. The company, which started booking a few days ago, plans to serve passengers at cheaper fares than before, he said.