Program dedicated to raise awareness about Buddha's Birthplace was organized in Pokhara

9th Jul, 2019 | Tourism Mail Crew

POKHARA, July 09: A program has been organized to eradicate the thoughts of people regarding Buddha's Birthplace in Pokhara , Fewa Lake with the presence of Singer Dhiraj Rai.

The program was organized with the major slogan " Lets Go Pokhara and Paste Sticker in stones". Similarly, On Tuesday, The stickers with the slogan 'Buddha was born In Nepal' was pasted on the boats. Speaking at the Event, Writer Sarubhakta said that if we are able to spread this message in the major tourist destinations, the tourists will help to flow our message throughout the world.


Singer, Rai said that this program was organized so that people would not have any misconception 's regarding Buddha's birthplace and they all will know that Buddha was born in Nepal.