Promoting Bhaktapur as a cultural destination

10th Apr, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Apr 10: Bhaktapur is renowned as the city of ancient monuments, industries, art and culture. Bhaktapur Tourism Development Committee is a private organization working for the upliftment of ancient city Bhaktapur since 21 years. It organizes various events, fares, and promotional activities to establish Bhaktapur as a preferred cultural tourist destination. The main motto of the organization is to increase the duration of tourists' stay and to create a positive impact on them so that they will visit the city again.

In a recent interview with Tourismmail, Ram Sundar Bhele, President of Bhaktapur Tourism Development Committee said, “ We are concerned with creating entrepreneurship in Bhaktapur's tourism industry and create awareness among the tangible and intangible culture by exploring the Bhaktapur city.”

The revenue earned in Bhaktapur area is invested in education, health, cleanliness, and increase in infrastructure. The main goal of the committee is to make Bhaktapur as a brilliant city by increasing the security and give qualitative service to the tourists by maintaining the standard. Also, the committee promotes the city through various online and social media sites. It also tries to uplift the youths to take the responsibility in turning Bhaktapur in a positive way.

Bhele also urged to protect the cultural norms and value of the ancient culture. We should develop the city by preserving our cultural values. In this way, we can develop Bhaktapur city as the preferred cultural destination of Nepal.