Proposal to start flights between Nepal and India gets forwarded to Council of Ministers

16th Oct, 2020 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Oct 16: Officials at the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation have informed that the proposal to start flights between Nepal and India has been put forward. They said that the Covid-19 Crisis Management Center (CCMC) has also shown a positive response towards the proposal, and the Council of Ministers will now have to decide on the proposal.

Domestic and international flights have also started in the country that has been shut down since March 24, but flights to the neighboring country, India has not resumed so far. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation seem to be in favor of allowing a limited number of flights.

Buddhi Sagar Lamichhane, Chief Joint Secretary of the Ministry's Civil Aviation Division, said, "We want to operate three or four flights a week by following the health protocols. According to the Civil Aviation Authority, up to 20 flights are operated daily between Nepal and India during peak hours.

However, Officials at the Ministry of Health and Population have expressed concern that the opening of flights could add more risk of coronavirus in both Nepal and India. They emphasized that the decision to resume air travel between the two neighboring countries should be made by applying strict health protocols.