Protest in Biratnagar demand for blocked land for airport

22nd Jun, 2022 | Tourism Mail Crew

BIRATNAGAR, June 22: Landlords have started agitation saying that the Biratnagar airport will be expanded. They have been protesting for two years after the federal government failed to allocate a budget for airport expansion and compensation.

According to Bedraj Poudel, coordinator of the Airport Victims Struggle Committee, a phased agitation has started from Tuesday. On Tuesday, locals staged a two-hour sit-in at the gate of Biratnagar Airport. Poudel said that the sit-in will continue till the demand is met.

The government has stopped the transaction of 126.46 bighas of land around the airport to make Biratnagar airport a regional international airport and has not allocated any budget for the compensation of the blocked land after the cabinet meeting on November 12, 2020 gave approval to the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal to acquire the surrounding land.

A total of 1,400 plots of land was blocked to make the 1,500-meter-long runway 3,000 meters. However, Poudel said that the agitation started because the government was not interested in compensation for two years.

According to him, 350 families will be affected by the expansion of the airport. Poudel said that there was a problem after the land of the family was withheld.