Providing Quality Education for Skilled Manpower: Silver Mountain School of Hotel Management

27th Jan, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

Silver Mountain School of Hotel Management is the Nepal’s first hotel management school to be licensed by the Ministry of Education. It was established in 2002. SMSH currently provides a four-year Bachelor’s Degree in International Hospitality and Tourism Management in affiliation with Queen Margaret University, UK, a 140-year-old university and has equivalency with Tribhuvan University.

With quality based education and various personality enhancing trainings, the main goal of SMSH is to create skilled man power that can compete internationally. For further details about SMSH, our correspondent Juliyana Shah interviewed Sandipa Thapa Basnyat, the Director of Admission, Marketing & Placement and Career Coach of SMSH.

She was awarded as “50 most influential global coaching leaders-2016” by World Coaching Congress. She is also a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) with specialization in career and leadership coaching. 


Q: What is one thing that makes SMSH different from other hotel and tourism management institutes of Nepal?

A: SMSH is highly focused in quality education. We not only provide education to a student, but with education we also focus on overall development of the student and provide various skilled based trainings such as personality development classes, leadership development classes, career enhancing classes, new enterprise development classes which helps in creating a child into skilled man power. Hospitality and tourism management degree which is highly practical based education so to enhance the skills of the students there are state-of-the-art kitchens, and the first wine lab in Nepal wine lab has also been established at SMSH. Similarly, SMSH is affiliated with UNIVERSITA DEL CAFÉ Italy to run Barista trainings and Nepal’s first teaching hotel is introduced, the training hotel consists of nine units of accommodation, two restaurants, a bar and roof-top beer garden where students can polish their hospitality skills with real guest experience.

Q: What are the courses that are provided in SMSH?

A: Silver Mountain School of Hotel Management offers four years hotel management course for Bachelors level. It also offers short-term courses such as management, bartending, housekeeping operation and front office operation, culinary training, F&B service, wine appreciation, dining etiquette, barista training etc. It has also introduced courses like casino management and club management; these have been introduced for the first time in Nepal by SMSH. This college focuses on individual personality development of the students and provides them with one to one career counseling throughout the course and also offers practical trainings in various departments in school labs also guarantees industrial training in five or four star hotels and resorts in the country. The college has also successfully become the first college in Nepal to accredit the Nepalese Tourism Course in an international arena. Moreover, the college offers two different languages as a compulsory part of the curriculum.

Q: What is the scope of Hotel and Tourism Management sector in Nepal? What is the role of SMSH to enhance this study in Nepal?

A: There is a great scope of Hotel and Tourism Management sector in Nepal. Nepal is a beautiful country and has great scope in the tourism industry. In this current situation, there is a great demand of young entrepreneurs and in upcoming days the demands will get higher as the number of hotels has been increasing. Likewise, international level courses including some Nepali courses are provided to the students. Students are also provided with international exposure through internships that includes visiting 5-6 countries. The college follows the international trends and has introduced courses like enterprise development and sustainable development for the first time in Nepal.

Q: Is SMSH affordable? What is the difference between studying Hotel and Tourism Management in SMSH and in abroad?

A: Yes! SMSH is very affordable. To get Hotel and Tourism Management degree in abroad it costs around 50-60 lakhs rupees but in SMSH all together students can complete their bachelor’s degree for Rs. 697,000. There are no hidden charges. Every year, rotational programs are conducted and officials from the university visit the college every 2 years to check the standard of education that is being provided. After the correction of papers they are again rechecked by the authorized department. In abroad the students couldn’t get sufficient exposure but in Nepal they can meet various guests visit different hotels. Thus, being affiliated to a foreign university a student can get international level education in Nepal.

Q: What is the role of government in this sector? What should be done to encourage students to study in Nepal and attract foreign students here?

A: SMSH is well connected with tourism board but yet there is no grant aid that is being provided by the government. There is a very low scale of payment in Nepal therefore the government should set minimum wage for the workers in this tourism sector like this way we can encourage students to study here and by developing the infrastructures we can also attract the foreign tourists.

Q: What are the further plans of SMSH?

A: SMSH is a culturally diverse campus and now its plan is to enhancing the quality of education and setting up schools outside the valley. Likewise its main goal is to create a friendly teaching and learning environment and providing international level education to their students.