Qatar Airways Initiates Nepal Government to Boost Nepal Tourism

20th Nov, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Nov 20: Qatar Airways has organized a joint meeting in collaboration with Nepal Tourism Board and the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation to discuss means of promoting tourism in Nepal. The program was conducted at Soaltee Crown Plaza on 17th November.

The event was inaugurated by the Minister of Tourism and Aviation, Jitendra Narayan Dev. He requested that every non-resident Nepali should act as an Ambassador of Nepal and aim to bring at least one tourist to Nepal. He affirmed the unique nature of Nepal with its scope for tourism, and believes that the country has a bright future for tourism in the future.

The Secretary of the Ministry of Tourism and Aviation, Maheshwor Neupane, also mentioned the cultural diversity of Nepal and suggested that there should be an aim to make country-specific strategy to promote tourism. He said that Nepal needs changes in its tourism marketing policy, emphasizing a need for the use of digital platform.

Professor Tim Gocher, CEO of Dolma Impact Fund and President of Dolma Foundation shared his belief that Nepal has a unique attraction which can bring many people to Nepal. He said that the limitation on funding and policies of tourism needs to be changed, adding the need for skilled manpower in the sector.

President of Bankers’ Association of Nepal, Anil K. Shah, said that everyone in Nepal can benefit if tourism booms in Nepal. He mentioned that Nepal is entering a global era, with the rise in 5-star hotels and that the new government will definitely bring positive changes in the economy of the country.

Country Manager of Qatar Airways, Jayprakash Nair, summarized the points of the event and reiterated the positive suggestions and challenges from the panel that was presented to the minister.