Question from a tourism entrepreneurs: Political parties have to hold a public meeting but why is the tourism sector closed?

22nd Feb, 2021 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Feb 22: The tourism entrepreneurs have demanded uninterrupted operation of all kinds of tourism activities.

All the umbrella organizations of tourism entrepreneurs have organized a joint press conference in Kathmandu on Monday and demanded that all tourism activities be carried out on the basis of a safety portal.

Tourists have said that there is no risk of corona infection while holding rallies, protests and processions in the country on a daily basis but they do not accept the risk of foreign tourists visiting Nepal.

Khum Bahadur Subedi, president of the Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN), said that there was no risk of covid during daily protests in the country and there was no risk of covid infection even if foreign tourists were allowed to come to Nepal easily.

He said that the PCR report was negative and foreign tourists coming to Nepal after being vaccinated should be allowed to roam freely. He also demanded the removal of five-day quarantine for tourists with negative PCR and the abolition of the requirement to come with a 5,000 US dollar worth of corona insurance.

Achyut Guragain, president of the Nepal Association of Tour and Travel Agents,(NATTA) accused the government of not listening to the demands of tourism entrepreneurs.

The provision of mandatory 5-day quarantine for foreign tourists with 72-hour PCR report should be removed, online and arrival visas and visa arrangements from Nepali embassies or missions abroad should be notified in advance, arrangements should be made to test covid test machines at airports, vaccination against covid is at the forefront. He also demanded that it be made available to businessmen and tourism workers.

He also demanded that the border checkpoints between Nepal and China should be opened as soon as possible, vehicles entering from the border between India and China should be allowed to enter without hindrance and all tourists who have come for vaccination should be allowed to travel without hindrance.

The tourism entrepreneurs have also complained that they have not been able to avail the facility of refinancing funds so far.

Although the government has set up a fund as a relief, only those who have access have received the facility but small tourism entrepreneurs have not been able to get any facility so far, said the tourism entrepreneurs.