Radisson Hotel Kathmandu celebrated New Year 2075 with cultural event

16th Apr, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Apr 16: Radisson Hotel Kathmandu has celebrated the New Year 2075 by organizing cultural event with authentic Nepali cuisine dinner and Nepali folk dance on the New Year's Eve and New Year day.

Assistant Manager of Sales and Marketing, Anu Parajuli, said that every tourist attraction should maintain the culture and the folk dance which carries lots of values of our country. The folk dance was also the major cultural attraction to the foreign guests.

The hotel sought to give a sense of Nepali culture and lifestyle with a thatched roof at the entrance of its Fun Cafe. The buffet dinner was an offering in true Nepali cuisine starting with Hansh ko Choila (spicy duck), piro aalu (spicy potato), koirala aalu aachar (potato pickle), gundruk ra bhatmas ko aachar. The main courses included plain rice, daal (lentils), chamsur palungo saag (a kind of green vegetable), khasi ko pakku (a goat meat dish), etc. The desserts included ju ju dhau (famous Nepali curd), gundpakh, malpuwa, etc.

The management of Radisson Hotel says the interest among the people to preserve our own culture; religion and occasions should be as energetic as other International festivals. All the festivals should be celebrated wholeheartedly considering the love, affection and peace for the