Radisson Hotel Kathmandu conducted fruit soaking event

4th Nov, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Nov 04: Fruit soaking event was conducted by Radisson Hotel Kathmandu on 2nd November 2018, Friday. The event was held at Terrace Garden, fourth floor beautiful outdoor venue with a long table set up where the elaborated ingredients were placed in order. The women professional along with Mrs. Pratima Pande, Mrs. Edwina Logan, Mrs. Edwina Champy, Mrs. Suman Nepal, Mrs. Baba Sarkar, Mrs. Rita Bhandary was invited by the hotel to honor the mixing.

Asst.Manager Sales & Marketing,  Anu Parajuli started the event with the announcement of welcome speech and a brief description about the fruit soaking event. She mentioned Radisson has been following the ritual of fruit soaking definite process of putting the ingredients together, mixing them and then waiting till the mixture is ready for baking and distributing to friends, family and relatives. She handed it over to the executive chef Mr. Utpal Mondal to accompany and enlighten the attendees about the ingredients and process of mixing.

The attendees followed the chef’s guidelines and mixed the comprehensive list of dry fruits with spices, herbs, wine, rum and whisky. The saxophonist and a vocalist singing” jingle bell jingle bell” during the mixing was a cherry on the cake to the event. It is believed that fruit should be soaked and mixed more than a month prior to get the authentic taste and flavor for Christmas cake.

Radisson Hotel therefore was the first amongst other hotels to organize the cake mixing this year. Cake-mixing is a harbinger of good tidings and happiness and Radisson Hotel bought together all women professionals from different walk of life to help spread the touch of belonging to all communities.