Rally held on eve of Birat Expo

22nd Feb, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

BIRATNAGAR, Feb 22: A mass procession was held on Tuesday, the eve of the agricultural and industrial exposition in Biratnagar.

The Chamber of Industries Morang (CIM) took out the procession to mark the Birat Expo – 2073, which kicks off wenesday. 

The rally started from Shankarpur at Biratnagar – 3 and went through Bargachi, Kanchanbari, Rajbanshi Chowk, Pushpa Lal Chowk and Pokhariya before returning to the starting venue. Tractors, loaders and CT rickshaws that are used in agricultural industry were part of the procession along with industrialists and entrepreneurs who came with their respective products and tools. 

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal is scheduled to inaugurate the exposition that will feature yak, ostrich, camel as well as agricultural products from Jumla's highlands, wind-driven electronic gadgets, Heli – City Tour, mountain flights, children's park and employment fair. Herbal products, agricultural tools, information technology, alternative energy sources, automobiles and parts, handicraft and curio items, electronic gadgets, domestic tools, garment and drinks are the other salient features of the exhibition. 

The organizers expect to cater to around 300,000 visitors and have offered 254 national and international stalls.