Ramgram Municipality starts conservation campaign for Simsar region

18th Jul, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, July 18: Ramgram Municipality of Nawalparasi district has started a campaign to protect the Simsar region from illegal encroachment. The municipality contains more than 50 public lakes and had previously made a plan to gain revenue from them. However, after the plan failed, it has brought a concrete plan for the conservation of these lakes, said Municipality Chief, Narendra Kumar Gupta.

"We are making a specific plan for the conservation of these lakes," said Gupta, "We aim to begin conservation of the areas surrounding the lakes and use them to create revenue."

The municipality has also started conservation efforts for Buddhamangal Lake, which is a lake situated in Bardaghat Municipality of the same district, with historical and archaeological significance. Chief of Bardaghat Municipality, Dhiraj Sharma, has said that the municipality is moving forward with conservation efforts of Simsar region and the various lakes through a defined work plan.