Rapid Hotel Bookings for the New Year

8th Dec, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

POKHARA, Dec 08: The number of tourists, both internal and foreign, who visit the tourism city of Pokhara on the occasion of the English New Year is very high. The New Year observes sold out bookings in hotels. Tourists book hotels a month prior to the actual day. So far this year, more than 50 percent of Pokhara’s reputed hotels have been booked. Some hotels have completely been booked say the entrepreneurs.

Pokhara’s 5-Star establishment, The Pokhara Grande Hotel, has 140 rooms. “Rooms have been sold out for the New Year from December 30 to January 1 itself” said General Manager, Roshan Khawas.  Mostly foreign tourist book the hotel, he informed. “The hotel’s capacity is 2 hundred and 80 people”, he said. Among the bookings, 80 percent are foreigners while 20 percent are domestic. According to Khawas, bookings for Christmas are received as early as December 20, with 90 percent already being booked.

About 80 percent of the rooms in Pokhara’s Hotel Barahi have already been booked for the New Year. “The hotel will be fully booked within a few days”, said General Manager, Rajkumar KC. He said that the Christmas bookings were meeting the expected targets. Since the rates of bookings increase near the New Year, advance bookings have started to increase rapidly, he informed. The hotel currently hosts 80 rooms.

Kuti Resort operating in Lakeside Pokhara hosts 51 rooms. About 50 percent of the rooms in the lakeside resort have already been booked. Despite constant inquiries about the rooms, some rooms have been saved for regular customers, said Manager, Devendra KC.

Similarly, Mount Kailash Resort in Pokhara also had more than 50 percent of rooms, according to Manager, Naresh Bhattarai. "Last year, more than 50 percent had been booked by the end of November”, he added, “However the elections this year have delayed most of the bookings." He noted that the rate of bookings will be revived once the elections are over.

The Crown Himalayas Hotel has also targeted booking agendas for the English New Year.According to manager, Agraha Aryal, about 60 percent of bookings had been completed towards the end of November itself. Aryal said that the hotel is likely to be completely booked within a few days.”Every year advance bookings for the English New Years have gained popularity”, said Bikal Tulachan, the President of the Western Hotel Association, Pokhara. "Even though the tourist season concludes in November, the number of new arrivals is very high”, he added, "the hotels are all booked because the visitors complete bookings in advance.” There are more than 600 tourist standard hotels in Pokhara. Approximately 22 thousand tourists can be provided good service, informed Tulachan.