Rara: A piece of heaven on the Earth

15th Nov, 2016 | Tourism Mail Crew

Rara lake is known as Nepal's biggest lake. The lake is enveloped by beautiful flowers like Kalij and Kasturi and also by national bird Lophophorus. Herbal medicine Yarshagumba is procurable in the vicinity of the lake. The foreign and domestic tourists are captivated by the beauty of greenery everywhere around the lake. They call Rara as the Switzerland of Nepal.  1 hundred and 67 meter deep Rara is 10.8 kilometer width. As the beauty of Rara is often described by foreign and domestic tourists, it feels Rara is always ringed by lots of tourists. But reality is something else. In the middle of the deep forests Rara is always deserted. It will be no wrong to say that the condition of Rara is atrocious.


Rara lake is one of the biggest and deepest lake of Nepal. Rara lies in 2 thousand 9 hundred and 90 meter above sea level and is also known as Mahendra Daha. When late king Mahendra visited Rara, he compared it with nymph of heaven. He even composed a song and poem characterizing the beauty of Rara. Rara still looks like nymph of heaven as compared by late king Mahendra.


1 thousand and 74 varieties of timber, 51 varieties of mammals and 2 hundred and 14 varieties of birds are found in Rara. Except these, different varieties of birds from China flies to Rara in winter season and again returns back to China during monsoon season. The way to reach Mount Kanjirowa is from Rara and Ghuchhi.


The beautiful Rara lake lies in Rara National Park. The tourists are seduced seeing the beautiful fish swimming in clear Rara. But Rara is always alone in middle of big mountains. Blue and clear water, beautiful green trees behind it, greenery everywhere but Rara is always alone. Less number of tourists visit Rara and those who visit are never tired characterizing the beauty of Rara.


If somebody is asked where the world's bluest water is found? The only answer would be Rara. But the interesting fact is, Rara keeps on changing its color. The person first time reaching Rara will never be tired of praising the beauty of Rara. It gives the feeling of reaching heaven during one's lifetime.


Problems in Rara

Rara lake was once compared to heaven by late King Mahendra. But to reach this beautiful and heavenly place, tourists should use graveled roads and airways. But the problem does not end here. After reaching Rara by using graveled roads there is no place to stay. There is only one hotel and it is not efficient enough to keep large numbers of tourists.


Tourists wanting to visit Rara can reach the place by two ways- airway and roadway. At first air service was widely used but now bus can easily reach there. It takes four days to reach Rara by roadway from Kathmandu. Tourist tends to forget the tiredness of their four days of travel after seeing the beautiful Rara. They even donot fail to poetize the beauty of Rara.


The construction of Talcha Airport in Mugu, the construction of Karnali Highway and the increasing trend of trekking is increasing the number of tourists visiting Rara. Now, the government and nation should really focus on how to conserve the beauty of Rara and attract more domestic and foreigh tourists towards it.