Rara Lake being polluted by visitors: Same as Fewa?

11th Mar, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Mar 11: As we all know, one of the famous lakes of Nepal, Rara Lake now has threat to its existence. Tour operators has produced various offers for spending a quality time in Rara. The organization hopes to collect sufficient funds of money from tourists to preserve the beauty and charm of Rara. The lake has an area of 10.8 sq/km.

Fewa Lake was also considered as one of the most beautiful places of Nepal but due to the poor management system and carelessness of people, the lake is being polluted from all sides. Over the last two decades or so, regular silt and garbage disposal at the bottom of the lake has reduced its depth considerably. This leaves visitors not only disappointed but also cheated as they read a lot about the heavenly beauty of Fewa Lake. Fewa Lake has already been reduced to 4.43 sq/km from its original size 10 sq/km, reducing 0.18 sq/km area every two years.

The growing number of domestic and foreign tourists have been polluting Rara Lake in the same way. Though the government is trying to impose the ban of plastic in the Rara region, the increase in human activities such as throwing plastic bottles in the river has affected the flora and fauna of the area. The bio-diversity has been affected after tourists started to take motorcycles and bicycles to the lake area.