Rato Machhindranath chariot (Photo Feature)

6th Sep, 2020 | Tourism Mail Crew

The chariot of Macchindranath, revered as the god of rain and good times, will be pulled today. It will be pulled from the current position in Pulchowk to the Sorhakhutte pati in front of Lalitpur metropolitan office.

The chariot was renovated with the help of volunteers from the 19th Jatiya Khala Pucha.

The chariot will be pulled further 15 to 20 meters only with people from various 19 ethnic groups joining the act, along with some people from Patan tole, said the Pucha coordinator Chandra Maharjan.

This will mark the end of the Chariot procession this year, and local residents of Patan will observe Chabayalabu festival today.

If possible, the Macchindranath will be taken to Bungmati this Friday, said Maharjan.

Photo: Prashant Pradhan