Rauta Lake to be established as a top tourist destination in four years

27th Jul, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

UDAYPUR, July 27: The local government of Udaypur has started developing a detailed master plan to promote and develop the major religious destination of the district, Rauta Lake, into a tourist attraction.

The master plan, formed by a collaboration between Rautamai Village Municipality and Triyuga Municipality, contains a plan to operate a cable car service from Gaighat to Rauta Lake, covering a span of 32 km over hilly terrain. Chief of Rautamai Village Municipality, Gajendra Kumar Khadka, said that an agreement is soon to close between the two municipalities and a few major companies for investment in the cable car service.

Further details in the plan includes the construction of a view tower in the Rauta Lake area starting in this fiscal year, establishment of electricity, drinking water services, as well as a police station and a guest house to establish Rauta area as a top tourist destination within four years. The execution of the master plan is estimated to cost more than 1 billion rupees.