REBAN Sauraha organizing 12th Food Festival on Valentine's Day

26th Jan, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Jan 26: On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, the Restaurant and Bar Association (REBAN) Sauraha is organizing its 12th Food Festival in Sauraha, Ratnanagar of Chitwan from February 11.

According to program organizer Kapil Regmi, the organizers are busy making preparations for the Food Festival taking place from Jan 11-15. In the event, cultural Tharu food and international foods will be displayed and Tharu dances will also be performed.

In the press conference, Regmi announced that a 15 percent discount is offered in the menu for food and lodging in the hotels and restaurants of REBAN for tourists visiting Sauraha for Valentine’s Day celebration. The festival is going to be organized for internal tourism promotion.

Gokarna Giri, president of REBAN Sauraha, will be donating 10 percent of income from the festival ticket sales to disabled and elderly people and 10 percent in managing sports field. Similarly, 40 percent of the proceedings will be spent on constructing mobile toilets, 5 percent income will be spent on cleaning and lighting Sauraha campaign. Former president of REBAN, Lal Bahadur Bhatt, said that an income of   Rs. 70 lakh, expense of Rs. 55 lakhs and more than 30 thousand daily visitors can be estimated for the festival. The program will also showcase local art culture with national artists.

Apart from concerted programs throughout the festival, the waiter race competition, love letter writing contest, taekwondo competition, musical chair between women, balloon split competition among children, excellent food competition, pot decoration competition is also set to take place at the festival.