Reconstruction Authority to reconstruct Dharahara

13th Oct, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Oct 13: Dharahara, the historic tower that came down on 2015 with the strong jolt of Gorkha Earthquake now will be reconstructed by Nepal Reconstruction Authority after the 2 and half years of delay.

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The reconstruction authority some weeks before received the letter from the Nepal Telecom which stated the inability to reconstruct the landmark tower.

Chief Executive Officer of the National Reconstruction Authority, Dr. Govindraj Pokharel said that the work of the construction of the Dharahara will be done by authorities themselves. He claimed that there was no capacity of Kathmandu Metropolitan Police who was claiming for the construction of the Dharahara.

In an interaction held on Tuesday with the concerned bodies about re-building of Dharahara, he made clear that there was no other option rather than accepting that the concerned bodies have no capacity for reconstruction of the Dharahara and moving forward. Archeology Department, Kathmandu Metropolitan Municipality and other agencies have been interested in construction of Dharahara.

However, despite all those bodies are thinking of rebuilding Dharahara, the National Reconstruction Authority concludes that they do not have the ability to complete that work. Authorities have made plans for making action committee between the concerned bodies and giving the detailed designing work to any consultant.

The proposal that was prepared claiming whom to give the work of rebuilding of Dharahara is under the control of the Council of Ministers.

The Chief Executive Officer of the National Reconstruction Authority Pokhrel made clear that the proposal also included it is the responsibility of authority to decide whether to make the reconstruction of the Dharahara by themselves or other. Even after 2 years of earthquake, construction of the Dharahara listed on the world heritage list has not yet started which has been criticized throughout the world.

Even though K.P Oli headed government has started a campaign of "I am making my Dharahara myself" has not yet taken the solid shape. Although Dharahara was to be reconstructed by Nepal Telecom, they stepped back after the dispute in various technical issues.

The archaeological department has objected to it after demanding that a mall should be constructed around Dharahara. After the big investment is not guaranteed, the Telecom has not expressed interest in investing in it.