Reconstruction of Kakrebihar monument delayed over a year

6th Aug, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Aug 06: The reconstruction of the tourism destination Kakrebihar in Surkhet has been delayed. The construction was handed over to Siddha Baba Construction Pvt. Ltd. in June 2015, but has been lagging behind citing various excuses.

The company had started reconstruction previously using the material from the leftover ruins but after not being able to complete the reconstruction within the set deadline, it had requested more time from the Department of Archeology. However, the reconstruction has not completed more than a year after the extended deadline has passed.

20% of the reconstruction work is still to be completed. Locals complain that the delay in reconstruction of the monument has lead to a decrease in the number of tourists visiting the area. The Kakrebihar monument was constructed by King Ashok Challa in 1325 BS.