Reconstruction of Kumbheshwor Temple at a snail's pace

22nd Sep, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

LALITPUR, Sep 22, Reconstruction of the Kumbheshwor Temple destroyed in the earthquake of April 2015 is at a snail's pace, thanks to a delay by the contractor under various pretexts. The contract deadline that expired three months ago has been extended for one year more. The contractor is delaying the project under various pretext, said Kajiman Pyakurel, chief of the office looking after Patan Durbar and monuments. It may take one year to complete, he added.

In the beginning, the reconstruction faced difficulties due to dispute over reconstruction and security for valuable materials belonging to the temple. Some had suggested reconstructing the upper storey of the temple, but experts suggested that all areas of the temple should not be dismantled, he said, adding that reconstruction is taking place only at the areas where it is needed. The police are providing security to the valuable materials of the temple. Of the only two five storied temples in the Kathmandu Valley, the Kumbheshwor Temple is the one. It was constructed at the direction of King Jayasthiti Malla.