Repatriated rhino from India released into Nepal’s Safari Park

12th Nov, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

SAURAHA, Nov. 12: Another flood swept one horned rhino has been repatriated from India and then released to Nepal’s Safari Park. The rhino was spotted in India’s Balmiki Tiger Reserve and then released to the forest of the Chitwan National Park.

“This is the ninth rhino we successfully have repatriated from India which were swept to India during the flooding some months ago. The latest rescued rhino is the 15 years female rhino,” Chief Conservation Officer of the Chitwan National Park, Ramchandra Kandel said.

The four elephants and 70 people were deployed to bring back the rhino which took a whole day. Along with it the Nepali officials also have spotted another rhino in the Indian side which is about 60 kilometers far from the Park and a team has been deployed to the area to access the condition.