Representatives and the Entrepreneurs raised their voice for development of Chitwan

8th Sep, 2019 | Tourism Mail Crew

CHITWAN, Sep 08: Representatives and the Entrepreneurs of Chitwan has purposed for the collaboration of one and another for the development of Tourism in Sauraha.

During the and 8th Convention anf 18th Annual General Meeting of Regional Hotel Association Nepal ,Chitwan. The representatives and entrepreneurs said that they are not able to meet the expectations of the development of Sauhara and now they have to work hand in hand for the development. The Former Chairman of the Association, Suman Ghimire said that the plans should be implemented and we all should give stress on the works like promotion of the tourism destinations and the development of infrastructures.

He also mentioned that the market value of Sauraha in International Market is 0% that's why we all should focus in marketing of the hotels. Similarly, Mayor of Ratnanagar Municipality, Narayan Ban said that we need to develop the bus park, city hall, View Tower, Water Kingdom and buildings. Similarly, voices were raised towards the development of Home stay, Hill Station, Cycling Road and many more.

Also Deepak Bhattarai was appointed as the new Chairman of the Regional Hotel Association Nepal ,Chitwan