Resunga Airport to Conduct Test Flight by Baisakh

25th Nov, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Nov 25: Resunga Airport, which is currently under construction as the first airport of Gulmi district, is set to conduct test flights by coming Baisakh. The survey for the airport construction was held 12 years ago and construction had also begun at the time. However, due to lack of sufficient budget appropriation, the construction of the airport has been unable to complete till now. The airport is situated at Simichaur and spans an area of 76 ropanis and 6 aanas.

Sunil-Samir Construction Services, which had taken responsibility for building the boundary wall, field and 6,500 cubic meters of gravel has completed 4,500 cubic meters of the work. The company has received tender of Rs. 3 crores and 18 lakhs until 9th Poush.

The President of the construction company, Narayan Pokharel, has said that the 30 meter runway for the airport is appearing to be insufficient so acquisition of more land is needed by the consumer committee, with the work being delayed due to some landowners refusing to let go of their land property.

The president of the consumer committee established for the airport, Madhu Krishna Panthi, said that the acquisition of land is nearly complete and should allow the gravel stage construction of the runway to be completed by the end of the year. He also informed that the work was being delayed due to lack of sufficient budget. The airport lies 7 kilometers away from the district headquarters at Tamghas.