Rhino calf swept by flood rescued from across the border

27th Aug, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

CHITWAN, August 27: A male rhinoceros calf swept away by flood across the border to India has been rescued.

The calf swept away to Balmiki town in India was rescued on Saturday evening and brought back to Chitwan. It is currently being kept at the National Nature Conservation Trust, Sauraha.

The three – month – old rhino is being kept with the conservation trust as it would be at risk if freed into the wild, Chitwan National Park Assistant Conservation Official, Abhiyan Pathak shared. The rhino will be freed into the wild after it matures.

The CNP and the technical team from the conservation trust have so far rescued six rhinos in the period of 10 days. Five of the rhinos have already been released in the park. The CNP team is still searching for rhinos in India, CNP Information Official Nurendra Aryal said.

Two each rhinos, spotted deer and mouse deer were killed in the recent flood. The flooding also destroyed properties worth more than Rs 20 million in the wildlife habitation areas within the CNP, National Parks and Wildlife Department's Director General Man Bahadur Khadka said.