Rhinoceros rescued from septic tank in Chitwan

12th Feb, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Feb 12: A rhinoceros trapped in a septic tank at Sauraha, Chitwan, has been safely rescued on Saturday morning, said Assistant Conservation Officer of Chitwan National Park, Nurendra Aryal.

The rhino fell into the septic tank the night before while walking around the area as the tank lid fell through with its weight. Officials from the national park as well as army soldiers were engaged shortly in rescue attempts, even using an elephant to pull up the rhino, said the health professional of the Chitwan National Park, Purushottam Pandey.

According to Pandey, the rhinoceros was rescued by demolishing the septic tank and creating a gradual pathway to the side. Following the incident, Chitwan National Park has urged residents of the buffer zone to fix potholes and similar risky areas around their homes.

The national park's east sector office has released a public notice to make potholes, septic tanks, and similar constructions safe. The notice was released as animals such as tigers, rhinoceros, elephants and other endangered animals can fall into such pits and die, said the Chief of the east sector office, Abhinay Pathak,