Road obstruction along Narayangarh- Muglin Affect tourist flow in Lumbini

24th Aug, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

TAULIHAWA, August 24: It is the season here in Lumbini where it witness enormous flow of tourists but the surrounding is fell with silence. Thought he rainy season is off season for the tourists but this area didn’t use fall silence like that of before.

The month of July is regarded as the main off- season in the tourism sector and the flow use to grow with the starting days of the August. But now it has fell silent with the month approaching to the end and the reason is the delayed construction of the Narayangarh- Muglin road section.

“Because of the daggling situation in the Narayangarh- Muglin section the tourist flow from Kathmandu to Lumbini has decreased subsequently, the travel agencies also are unwilling to send tourists here,” Rajan Basnet, Information Officer of Lumbini Development Trust said.

This subsequently has dipped down the tourism business in the area resulting in the low occupancy rate in the hotels in and around the historical and religious location.

“The occupancy rate in the area is below 10 percent of the actual capacity. In the previous years the occupancy use to stand at 40- 50 Percent,” President of Siddhartha Hotel Association, Lumbini Chapter’s president Mithunman Shakya informed.

“Nowadays the tourists make their plan on the basis of the news that are disseminated. They have given up their plan to come here because of the obstructions in the road,” he added. Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha has a total of 65 hotels which has the capacity to hold 5 thousand tourists.

In the month of August Lumbini is flocked with Sri Lankan tourists who prefer to travel via roadways from India. “This month is the season of Sir Lankan Tourists but they are nowhere to be seen,” Basnet, Information Officer of Lumbini Development Trust said.

“The recent flooding in the Uttar Pradesh of India also has created the obstacle while traveling for the Sri Lankans which also is the reason for the decrement,” he added.

According to the data of Last year, in the month of August more than 10 Thousand Sri Lankan tourists visited the place. In 2016’s August more than 15 thousand and in 2015 more than 16 thousand Sri Lankan’s came to visit Lumbini.

Along with the Sri Lankan’s the number of Indian tourists also use to stand significant but this year the flow of Indian tourists also has dipped down.