Runway excursion by Sita Air at Lukla Airport goes unreported, all passengers safe

12th Oct, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Oct 12: An incident of runway excursion by passenger aircraft in Nepal’s Lukla airport is found to be unreported on Thursday.

On Thursday the Sita Air’s Dornier aircraft had gone out of the runway at Tenzing Hillary Airport in Mt Everest region during take-off on early hours.  It is reported that there were a total of nine passengers in the aircraft who sustained no injuries.

According to a senior official at the airlines, the aircraft was involved in runway excursion making a left alignment from the central line of the runway at Lukla airport when the plane piloted by senior captain DK Shah was preparing to take off for Kathmandu at around 7:30 am.

It could be an issue of differential power, Lukla airport official quoted the captain as saying. Source said that technicians have been sent from Kathmandu for the needful maintenance. “All passengers and crew members aboard the plane are safe.”