Safeguarding the travel industry: CN Pandey

31st Mar, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

The Nepal Association of Tour and Travel Agents (NATTA) was established in 1966 by a group of leading travel agents, who felt it necessary to work together to formulate sound business principles and regulate the travel industry in Nepal.

The primary purposes of NATTA have been to protect the professional interests of those engaged in the travel trade business, to promote its orderly growth and development, and to safeguard the traveling public from exploitation by unreliable agents. In 2018, C.N. Pandey was elected as the President of NATTA. Our correspondent, Juliyana Shah, interviewed Mr. C.N. Pandey to explore more about the developmental plans and policies of NATTA.


Q: What are the plans and policies of NATTA to strengthen tour and travel companies?

Pandey : After the selection of new committee panel, NATTA is now involved in various new projects to strengthen travel and tour companies. We are highly focused on making tourism more qualitative and comfortable. By the year 2030, NATA is planning to play a vital role to receive 5 million tourists. With the coordination of the tourist minister, NATTA has come up with developmental plans and is very positive towards implementing them.


Q: What is the vision of NATTA in this coming year?

Pandey : NATTA has vision of contributing to the healthy development of the tourist industry and trade and to develop goodwill among travel agents on all subjects of common interests and welfare and to protect their professional interest. We want to provide co-operation and consultation to the government of Nepal for the promotion of tourism in Nepal and work directly or indirectly for institutional mission of all matters pertaining to interests of tourist industry and promotion of tourism.

Q: How can we attract more tourists from neighboring countries India and China? What kind of relation does NATTA and Nepal Government share with each other?

Pandey : There is a good relation between NATTA and our neighboring countries India and China, to make this relation stronger we should try to make open boarder connection. We should also establish fast tracks and conduct various friendly programs and promote Nepal in neighboring countries. Likewise there is a close and smooth relation between NATTA and government bodies. With the coordination of government bodies and NATTA we implement various plans and policies and also in coming days we are planning to improve this tourism sector.


Q: Due to massive earthquake we had a great loss, how has this affected tourism of Nepal? How can we control unnecessary taxes charged by the government to tourists?

Pandey : After the massive earthquake, the number of tourists decreased to 700 thousand but now we are rebuilding our monuments. Though the work progress is slow, we are trying to speed it up and we are trying to conserve our old heritage places. We have also requested municipalities to recover the loss as soon as possible and also this year we have managed to reach 1 million tourists in Nepal and we are trying to increase this number. Similarly talking about the unnecessary imposition of tax, it is necessary to have tax but imposing unnecessary tax is illegal and with the help of government we are trying to avoid this unnecessary imposition of tax.

Q: What are your suggestions to strengthen the travel and tours sector?

Pandey : We are always looking forward positively and developing policies. At the same time, we should generate employment opportunities. We should make our country prosperous and invest in building our infrastructures. We should be competitive. We should also focus on building airports and provide facilities to our tourists and make tourism as a good business.