Sakela Dance at Tundikhel (Photo Feature)

2nd Jan, 2022 | Tourism Mail Crew

The Kirant community of Kathmandu performed Sakela dance at Tundikhel on Saturday as part of Udhauli festival. It is customary to perform Sakela dance for one month from the day of Marg Shukla Purnima.

On the day of Marg Shukla Purnima on December 19, the Kirat community had gathered at a small religious place of pilgrimage in Hattiwan of Lalitpur and performed Sakela dance. 

There was a preponderance of young women and men in their ethnic attire to reach Tundikhel to dance Sakela.

The Kirant community celebrates Udhauli festival in honor of their forefathers and culture. Yakkhale Chasuwa, Sunuwar, Folsyadar, Rai celebrate Udhauli Sakela and Limbu people of the nature-worshiping Kirant community have been celebrating Chasok Tangnam.

Photo: AP Tolang