‘Sandhya Arati ‘at Pashupatinath Temple

7th Oct, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

Pashupatinath Temple is a place where one's lose their soul and connects to the divine for eternity. Being one of the largest temples, Pashupatinath has been listed as the UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a very important pilgrimage site for Hindus. People from all around the globe visit Pashupatinath when they visit Nepal. Among a lot of rituals happening in Pashupatinath ‘Sandhya Arati ‘is the most soothing and amazing one. It happens on the exact opposite side of the Pashupatinath temple at the bank of Bagmati River.

Sandhya Arati begins at around 6:30 in the evening and ends at around 7:30. This 1-hour long ritual has a lot of parts.  There are three priests who perform this ritual with a few helpers. It is conducted every day at the same time. This starts with a lot of spiritual songs and Bhajans. This music continues till the end. A lot of people including tourist come and attend this every day. There are like hundreds of devotees who come to this place regularly. People also do the rites and rituals of the dead in the opposite bank of the river. Basically, it’s the point on earth from where you can see life and death and everything in between. A woman of around 60’s who said to have visited the place every day says ‘This is where I can unite to God and his divine power. Likewise, ‘A French tourist said ‘She loved this place and has never seen something so amazing before ‘. Similarly, a young boy said ‘I am here to escape the busy schedule and get some ‘ME’ time. ‘  

The way they do the ritual is one of the coolest things. They have the perfect coordination and postures too. A lot of people dance to the Bhajans and heal their soul. Cold breeze the bhajans and the flowing Bagmati River below makes the environment perfect. 

Text/Photo : Tapashya singh Thakuri