Sauraha Tourism Businesses Implement Code of Conduct

21st Nov, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

CHITWAN, Nov 21: Tourism businesses of Chitwan, Sauraha have implemented a code of conduct in order to regulate the tourism business and make it more tourism-friendly.

The 16-point Code of Conduct has been designed with sound pollution control, tourism-friendly environment, and forest, wildlife and environment preservation at its center.

The decision to implement the code of conduct was made by a joint meeting of the Regional Hotel Association Chitwan, Regional Restaurant and Bar Association (REBAN), Local Police, Nature Guide Association, Baghmara Forest, Elephant Co-operative and Small Tourism Business Association, said the President of the Hotel Association Suman Ghimire.

The jointly devised report states that outside of major festivals, hotels and restaurants shall stay open until 11 pm during the winter and 12 am during the summer.

The Code of Conduct also has rules that forbid the marketing and selling of elephant rides, jeep safaris, and hotel rooms to tourists in the middle of the street without solicitation. It further forbids stopping and parking of vehicles at non-designated places in tourism areas, renting hotel rooms to students in uniform without the presence of guardians, and use of air drones without permission. The Code of Conduct also makes it mandatory to have life jackets at swimming pools.

The President of the Regional REBAN, Gokarna Giri, has stated that preparations are being made to make Sauraha a no-horn area starting on 1st Poush. The city has 110 hotels with facilities and almost 60 restaurants. Sauraha also has the capacity to host 800 tourists daily.