Saurya Airlines sold to entrepreneur group

1st Aug, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Aug 01: Saurya Airlines, which started operation 3 years ago has been sold to Shyam Adhikari who has been running business in China. The airlines have been sold for 650 million rupees.

After paying 55 million loan and 10 million other expenses, Adhikari has bought this airlines. Different businessmen bought this airline three years ago. The airlines were being operated with one CRJ-200 Jet engine. Saurya Airlines brought 2 airlines in operation but after sometime one of the airlines was grounded. The President of the company, Deepak Pokharel confirmed on selling the airplane, he said that the airlines will be flying with new management from 6th August. The flights of Saurya airlines have been delayed since 21 days.

He said that the both CRJ 200 ships of the airlines are famous and belong to the Bombardier company. After facing huge loss they have decided to sell the airline.