Season of visiting Mansarovar- Kailash comes to an end

16th Oct, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Oct 16: The season for Kailash –Mansarover pilgrimage located in China is over for this year . The  most comfortable pilgrimage journey Mansoorwar to Kailash, especially the Indian people, have  traveled through this route .

After a passenger flight from Nepalgunj and Surkhet , Simikot also conducts flights to autonomous region of China from where the pilgrimage begins . Pilgrimage starts from Baisakh every year and thousands of  Indian pilgrims visit . The airline, the local hotel, Travel Agency have  taken  good revenues from this trip. In the pilgrimage, pilgrims from Gujarat, said that the pilgrims were comfortable and enjoyable during the pilgrimage. The pilgrimage was full of delightful views and the affectionate localities of Humla  An Indian man from Andhra Pradesh said that it was a delightful experience for him and he finds this place amazing even in his forth visit .

Last year 12 thousand 700 Indian pilgrims had traveled to Nepal but this year 2,000 has declined. Kailash Rathor, a pilgrim, said that this year, the lack of Indian pilgrims is due to climate changes as they could not fly in time . Rathor said that it was due to the due to the weather but it was also pleasant to stay in Humla and Simkot  for a few days.

Inspite of the delay for pilgrim's visit to Kailash, he was happy to live in the land of Lord Shivaji. During the journey, pilgrims also mentioned that they were lucky to visit the world's most beautiful places. The decrease in oxygen level makes it difficult so there must be one or two days provision for stay at Simikot so to adjust to the environment .

 The local of Simikot  were benefited by the stroke of Indian tourists going to the local hotel. Sales of goods have remained high while the selling of goods are more than other times. In the meantime, although the buyer could not be counted on the finger, at the store, the local businessman, Tirth Budha, said that everything would be sold.. Likewise, the workers  from the airport have a good income from hotel and  the airport. At the rate of 100 per bag of the tourists , local people have also got jobs. Even though they carry  heavy loads, the villagers have expressed satisfaction for they jobs as they can  earn their livelihood and send their kids to school . Locals have said that the monthly earnings becomes around Rs 30,000 earning two to three thousand a day .

Due to decrease in number of tourists and increase in hotels the business is not that good . All the flights have been decreased and the helicopter is now used for rescue and emergency from Simikot .